About Lewis

I am a photographer based in the South West of England who specialises in travel and landscape photography.

My professional portfolio includes over ten years experience producing imagery for a broad range of clients; these have included The BBC , Universal Pictures UK , The Times Newspaper , The Daily Telegraph and The National Trust . I have contributed to countless projects including print, online content, broadcast material and national advertising campaigns.

Born in Cornwall to a multi-lingual mother and a father who was a London fashion photographer in the mid 1960s, I have an inherent thirst for travel and photography. I learnt to focus a camera before I could ride a bicycle and was encouraged at an early age to see past the obvious and appreciate the natural world.

At 18 I landed a job assisting one of Cornwall’s most respected commercial photographers. The three years I spent developing my understanding of light, composition and timing were priceless. I made the natural transition to producing moving imagery and attended University College Falmouth (formally Falmouth College of Arts) to study broadcasting. By the age of 24 I had graduated with a 1st class honors degree, specialising in Cinematography. This led me to work as a self-shooting producer contributing to numerous creative projects on a local, national and international scale. In 2009 I chose to pack my camera bag and explore the world with my girlfriend. Sipping tea with Geishas in Japan , snorkeling on , trekking through the and traveling the width of North America planted the seed for Lewis Tolputt Fine Art Photography.

We live in an amazing world and my goal is to explore it and share its beauty with others.